Episode #18 - PodFest Berlin

This episode was recorded on 17.07.2022 in the Noisy Rooms 
of the House of Music in RAW Gelände during the PodFest Berlin 2022

This episode started as a hold-up of a bunch of incredibly inspiring people (host and podcast listeners) I met during the two-days event of the festival and ended up as a great discussion about Berlin and podcasts.

Notes from episode #18

Thank you to my incredible public and guests for this great experience:

  • Luardo and Benji from Guten Tag Alemania: living in Berlin for the Spanish-speaking community
  • Benjamin from the Berlin School of Podcasting
  • Gary, avid podcast-listener working in tech
  • Anna, Berlin foodie on Instagram (episode #8) and social media manager
  • Silva and Jana from Talking Bodies: explaining everyday communication and gestures
  • Anais, volunteer from the PodFest

We talked about:

  • Berlin
  • sign-language
  • how do we interact with different communities living in Berlin 
  • who are / do we feel Berliners?
  • the impact of Berlin & podcast on our life?
  • why do we started podcasting / listening to podcasts? 
  • podcasting as an identity / belonging to a community
  • podcast as a punk activity

More about the guests


Thank you all for your participation, I had a super fun time!! 😀 Thank you Dan and the PodFest’s Team for organizing this great event. Thank you Matt for all and sending me the SD-file!!

Thanks to the team: Caro for creating the logo of the podcast and the glow-up of the website, Nico for the music, Val for the settings on Garageband.