Episode #27 - Júlia Mota Albuquerque

This episode was recorded on 06.02.2023 in the studio of Sébastien (#1)
in the 
Kunstfabrik HB55 in Berlin, Lichtenberg.

Name: Júlia Mota Albuquerque, @landofjulia
Topics: art, being an artist, creativity, muralist, street-art, freelance, Brazil, Berlin
Landed in Berlin: September 16th, 2020

As I did, you may have discovered Júlia as a finalist of the BSR contest in July 2022. She is a super talented colorful illustrator and hand painting muralist from Brazil living in Berlin. Enjoy a deep dive in her creative universe, art journey and freelance lifestyle. 

Have fun!

Notes from episode #27

Júlia was the finalist of the BSR (Berlin Stadtreinigung) x Berlin Stiftung Naturschutz contest, supported by the Yes, and.. production, to create a round about 200 sqm stunning mural in 8 days Jakob Kaiser Platz in Charlottenburg.

From tennis to drawing class, USA to Europe, Jùlia landed in Berlin, Germany and found the international community and scene she was looking for.

As a commercial illustrator, Júlia work with different brands. She has a great sensibility to colors, fashion, lifestyle and introduce us her style, love of Mondays, the difference between digital and hand-drawing creations, creation process, being part of an artists studio, workation, and more…

We also talked about:

Hi to Seboh (#1) and the PodFest (#18)!

Spotted in Berlin

More about Júlia

Date of your arrival in Berlin: 16/09/2020

Why did you come to Berlin? I came to Berlin with the main goal of studying but also living abroad once again.

What do you like the most about Berlin? I love the randomness of the city. I think it has so many contrasts and so much character to it. I believe this character and these contrasts of the physical city are very much translated into the people that live here and the atmosphere of the city overall.

What bothers you the most? How spread out it is! I am a big city person but I do wish it was a bit easier to meet up with people. It always takes 40 min to get to places. No wonder no one ever leaves their neighborhood!

What are your 3 favourite places in Berlin? That’s hard, there are so many places! I will go with

What is the most Berlin-like thing about you? Not sure if there is any!

Your recipe for a successful integration? Don’t be afraid of asking your German friends for help.

Your recipe for homesickness? Go home during the winter and escape the greyness.

Who would you like to hear on the podcast? More artists hehe, maybe some street artists?

For what reasons could we contact you? Mostly if you are looking for a commercial illustrator or a muralist. By that I mean, if you need illustrations for your brand, an app, an advertising campaign, a poster… or if you have a cool space and you need to add some personality to the environment with a mural! But I am also always up for a coffee!

Do you want to add anything? No, all good! 😀

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Thank you so much Júlia for your participation and sharing your creative journey 😀

Thanks to the team: Caro for the logo of the podcast and the glow-up of the website, Nico for the music, Val for the settings on Garageband.