Episode #52 - Camille Gay
KMO in Berlin

This episode was recorded on February  27th 2024 in Berlin.

Nom : Camille Gay @kmoinberlin, @kmoincolours, @savethedate.bln
Topics: content creation, food, video creation, marketing, social media, Berlin
Landed in Berlin: December 2020

Sometimes, everything seems to go wrong until you understand why. With Camille, the beginning went wonderfully very smooth. We had a call, she agreed to join the Berlink#1 2024 and we recorded a 2 hours and a half long episode in French. Camille was actually quite reluctant about the langage choice, knowing her community was international. Fast forward a week later while editing the content, somehow I just messed the whole thing up and our conversation was deleted…

Camille has been so nice and understandable, + thai restaurant (apology treat) is indeed one of her sweet spot; so ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it and life agreed, so we delivered: here is our English speaking episode about the person behind the famous instagram account @kmoinberlin. Have fun!

Notes from episode #52

Camille is a food content creator in Berlin, originally from Paris. From working in marketing for alcool to the launch of an Instagram account about lifestyle and sharing her best spots in Berlin, Camille shares her path, from trusting your guts to the daily backstages of a content creator, from video filming to voice over and publishing strategy. 

Camille also describes the freelance statut in Germany, the sense of loneliness and the lack of challenging of her content; being proud of oneself, her beloved part of crazyness and not taking too much care about what the others may think. 

With graciousness and enjoyment, Camille guides us through the journey of crafting a life you believe in, when the much of us only see its most glamorous sizes.

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More about the guest

Date of your arrival in Berlin: December 2020

Why did you move to Berlin? I was looking for new international career opportunities and it was in Berlin that I found a job.

What do you like most about Berlin? The summer, the free-spirited, chill vibe, the number of things to do outdoors, the international aspect.

What do you find most annoying? Winter (haha), the paperwork and not speaking the language (but I can’t blame anyone but myself).

Your three favourite places in Berlin? Holzmarkt, the thousands of really nice cafés,Insel der Jugend

What’s the most Berliner thing about you? Having succumbed to the wine schorle and club mate

What’s your recipe for successful integration? Dare to send messages to friends of friends of friends, diversify your activities / meeting points (social networks, sport, work…)

Your recipe for overcoming homesickness? Call friends in France, meet up with French expats here for a good French aperitif/dinner, go and get a good croissant – I’m not too homesick, to be honest.

Who would you like to hear on the podcast? French people who have started their own food business in Berlin (l’Epicerie, La Käserie, French QG…)

Why should someone contact you? Out of curiosity, for a collaboration, so that I can bring them my marketing and communication expertise, for my paintings, etc.

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Thank you dear Camille for your generosity and humour, I had a lot of fun!

Thanks to the team: Caro for the podcast logo and the website glow-up, Nico for the music, Val for the settings on Garageband.