Episode #39

Roberto Andrés Ampuero Nawrath

This episode was recorded on August 19th, 2023 in Berlin.

Name: Roberto Andrés Ampuero Nawrath, @roby_2spirits, @nomad.unicorns
Topics: nomad, queerness, spiritual, vision quest, healing, communities, Berlin
Landed in Berlin: September 28th, 2020

I have known Roberto (all pronouns) since a few months thanks to Peter. From the first moment, Roby is an incredibly kind, sweet, intelligent and conscious person. When we met, they were already out of corporate world to become an entrepreneur and wishing to support the Queer community. Observing a lack of offers adressed to the Queer community, this spiritual fairy started retreats focused on them, the project Nomad Unicorns. From Chile to Germany, life in Berlin, spiritual path and exploring what is next to come, we had a delightful and amazing conversation. Have fun!

Notes from episode #39

Roberto (all pronouns) is a two-spirits person of the world. Two-spirits is a nomination used in the North-American indigenous culture to describe people carrying both a strong feminine and male energies (non-binary) and also for trans members, who use to regulate the energy of the tribe. Now the term is widely used by the queer spiritual beings. 

Roby was born in Chile with mixed ethnicities, thanks to which they have a Swiss Passport and live nowadays in Germany. While studying business and administration in South America to greaten their possibilities of living abroad, Roberto travelled through America, South America, New Zeland and Europe. Berlin cought their heart for its openess to Queer people, and letting everyone be who they are.

Struggling in the corporate world while working as a customer experience specialist and success manager, Roby discovered and experienced the use of sacred plants through initiations and retreats in South America and started their own spiritual journey. They explain us what a vision quest is, the importance of elements (fire, air, water and earth), being conscious about ones ancestors and honor ones lineage. Observing a lack of offers adressed to the Queer community, this spiritual fairy started retreats focused on them, the project Nomad Unicorns.

With Roby, we also talked about our visions: what is the future of Earth? What kind of new system we want to create? Berlin as an experimental city. In a world where each one is searching for its own path, Roberto urged to be critical about where we go and from who we learn.

21.-24.09.23 – Harvest Retreat in Brandenburg – Queer community craving for nature, going outside of the city. Integration with neurodivergent persons & people in wheelchair. Value of integrity, openess, people of different colours, genders, sexuality.

More about Roby

Date of your arrival in Berlin: September 28th, 2020

Why did you come to Berlin? Because I always wanted to live abroad and it seemed like the perfect creative setting to experiment a new life from scratch.

What do you like the most about Berlin? it’s one of the most open minded places in the world and it embraces queerness.

What bothers you the most? The FOMO can be overwhelming with so many activities happening at the same time.

What are your 3 favourite places in Berlin?

  • Treptower Park / Plänterwald (nature next to home <3)
  • Maybachufer (Turkish Market)
  • Tempelhofer Feld

What is the most Berlin-like thing about you? Being a queer proud soul.

Your recipe for a successful integration? Find your chosen family, including friends from your own nationality. I would also recommend making German friends since they will be helpful.

Your recipe for homesickness? Meeting my Chilean friends to talk in “chilean dialect”.

Who would you like to hear on the podcast? Tchivet, she is a queer performer that organices fun & creative events for the community.

For what reasons could we contact you? Spiritual gatherings for queers & allies, DEI workshops and Business coaching

Do you want to add anything? That I’m a huge Britney fan hehe. It’s Britney bitch!

Contact Roby


Thank you so much dear Roby, I am very grateful for this nice talk and your sharings, see you very soon 😀

Thanks to the team: Caro for the logo of the podcast and the glow-up of the website, Nico for the music, Val for the settings on Garageband.